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Wendy’s (the world’s third largest hamburger fast food chain) is a fast food company owned by The Wendy’s Company – also owning Arby’s. Wendy’s is famously known for it’s square hamburgers and sea salt fries – but also features a wide array of fast food items including hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries and it’s signature Frosty – a soft-serve frozen dessert. Unlike McDonald’s (with the Big Mac) and Burger King (with the Whopper), Wendy’s does not have a signature burger available and is more of a wide menu focused fast food restaurant.

Unlike the other famous fast food chains, Wendy’s uses square hamburger patties which hang over the edge of a circluar bun as the signature “classic Wendy’s” look in it’s fast food menu. Unlike other fast food chains, Wendy’s also offers it’s hamburger patties in two different sizes – a “Junior” 2oz size, and a “Single” 4oz patty – being sold in single, double and triple sizes.

Furthermore, Wendy’s originally offered only two kinds of chicken sandwich – fries or grilled. However, Wendy’s later released a new menu item – the spicy chicken sandwich – which was added to the menu full-time in 1996. Pioneering the fast food industry, Wendy’s was the first fast-food chain to create value menu priced at just 99 cent – however, in 2007 this was restructured due to rising costs into the Super Value Menu and ranges in price from 99c to $2.

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

Since 2007 Wendy’s begun debuting it’s breakfast menu across the United States and Canada. The breakfast menu consists of a similar structure to it’s lunch and dinner menu and includes value meals and various sides (including healthy options like fruit). The Wendy’s breakfast menu includes breakfast sandwiches (of sausage, bacon, egg and more) and is served either on biscuits, frescuit or Kaiser rolls. Wendy’s also offers a number of options such as breakfast burritos and classic morning sides like hash browns, muffins or cinnamon.

In an attempt to promote positive food offerings, Wendy’s is aiming to source all of it’s eggs from cage-free sources only by the year 2020 in all locations which serve breakfast.

Wendy’s Menu Items

Wendy’s serves a number of notable menu items, most famously it’s Frosty dessert. The Frosty is a frozen dessert which is available in vanilla or chocolate flavors. They are also served as a “float” – an ice cream served in a soft drink such as root beer, Dr Pepper or cola. In more recent years, Frosty Shakes have also been featured on the Wendy’s menu where a Frosty is blended with a syrup such as caramel, strawberry or chocolate fudge.

While there is not a “signature burger” like the Big Mac or Whopper in Wendy’s, the closest offered is the “Dave” – previously known as Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy. This also includes cheese, melted over the patty, alongside white onions and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise. Wendy’s also offers the Baconator – a Dave’s served with two slices of cheese and three strips of bacon. All of the Wendy’s burgers are available in single, double or triple sizes based on the number of patties in the burger.

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