Taco Bell Menu

Taco Bell Menu

Taco Bell is an an American Tex-Mex fast food restaurant chain serving a range of food including tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. Recently, Taco Bell has followed suit with a number of other fast food restuarants and begun selling a “value menu” of cheaper food items. Originally founded as a hot dog stand in California in 1948, Taco Bell pivoted from hot dogs to tacos in 1951, and begun to grow rapidly in the 80s before being purchased by PepsiCo (the international soft drinks company) in 1978 and attaining worldwide recognition as a global tex-mex brand.

Outside of the United States, Taco Bell has entered a number of international markets to bring tex-mex food to a global audience. Predominantly however, there are only international taco bell locations in international United States Forces bases (such as in Japan).

In 2012 Taco Bell launched a new line of breakfast menu items including sausage and egg wraps, hash browns, breakfast burritos, Cinnabon buns, coffee and orange juice. In addition to these, recently Taco Bell has begun selling a range of waffle tacos to a number of stores which includes scrambled eggs, sausage and a side of syrup – a true Tex-Mex classic on the American great breakfast of waffles and syrup. Taco Bell has also recentlyu been testing the breakfast taco – using a fried egg shell for potato bites alongside nacho cheese, shredded cheddar, bacon and sausage crumble

Dollar Cravings

Dollar cravings, also known as $1 Dollar Cravings, are the value menu options offered by Taco Bell – launched as a way to compete with the McDonald’s and Wendy’s value menus. It currently includes 11 items alongside the traditional Taco Bell breakfast value menu (launched in 2016) and a number of drinks options.

The Dollar Craving menu is divided into a number of cravings – Beefy, Cheesy, Crunchy, Spicy and Sweet. These include a range of items such as burritos, quesadilla, empanadas, vegetarian burritos, cinnabons, cinnamon twists, tostadas and nachos! All the items are priced at exactly $1 USD and vary in calorific density (as with most fast food) from 160 to 430 calories.

The dollar cravings menu replaced the “Why Pay More” menu which was Taco Bells original version of the dollar cravings menu. This follows a trend in fast food menus in the post-recession world to offer a number of “lite” menus of cheap food and drink.

Fast Food Rivalry

Taco Bell has a long history of taking aim at fast food rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s – for example, in an advertising campaign Taco Bell untilized twenty-five men named Ronald McDonald, with some commercial advertising campaigns using the jingle “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” in a shot at the rival fast food company. Taco Bell has frequently taken shots at fellow fast food company McDonalds over the breakfast menu – commenting that “Egg McMuffins belong in 1984” and numerous other hits aimed at the fast food giant

In addition, Taco Bell has waged an endless social media campaign via Twitter (occasionally sparring with fellow fast food social media icon Wendy’s) with numerous Tweets from Taco Bell going viral with hundreds of thousands of followers retweeting, tweeting and favoriting their support of the brand.

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