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Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded by the legendary Colonel Sanders, is a fast food restaurant specializing in…you guessed it, kentucky fried chicken!¬†Founded originally way back in 1930 in Kentucky, KFC is now the second-largest restaurant chain (by sales) in the world – only coming second to the giant that is McDonalds.

The chicken KFC is famous for is pressure fried (a variation on pressure cooking where meat and cooking oil are brought to high temperatures under pressure)and seasoned with Colonel Sanders “original recipe” of 11 herbs and spices. Another aspect KFC is famous for is the cardboard “bucket” – where large servings of fried chicken have been supplied and served for years.

KFC Food

Since it’s original recipe chicken offerings, KFC has since expanded it’s menu to include a wide array of chicken fillet wraps, sandwiches, and a number of other salads and sides (fries, coleslaw, desserts, etc). While KFC might not be the healthiest of meals (let’s be real, it’s still fast food), KFC is well known for being a high protein offering in the fast food industry, and although the breadcrumbed chicken has some carbohydrates (and healthy quantities of fat) the chicken included is predominantly protein.

Traditional Kentucky fried chicken is available in either two or three piece servings (or in a larger bucket size as previously mentioned, holding 6-16 pieces of the famed original recipe chicken). The chicken is pressure fried for 7-10 minutes in hot oil, and then briefly left to stand to ensure that the food has cooled down before being kept warm in a warming oven. Under KFC policies, if the chicken has not been sold within an hour and a half then the food is discarded to ensure it remains fresh. This policy has previously come under fire for allegedly encouraging food wastage – although in prime locations the throughput of chicken purchase is sufficient enough to ensure minimal wastage.

In addition to the core “chicken on the bone” offerings, KFC also offer chicken burgers (such as the Zinger and Tower), numerous wraps (Twisters of Boxmasters) and a variety of different snacking foods (like crispy chicken strips, hot wings, popcorn chicken and even chicken nuggets).¬†Outside of the main terrorities (USA, UK, Canada), KFC adapts the menu served – bringing the total number of menu items to over 300 worldwide. Grilled chicken is also served, with halal food available in many locations and a few limited US locations even offering an all-you-can-eat buffet style food option!

11 herbs and spices

Often cited as one of the most famous trade secrets in the food industry, a copy of the original 11 herbs and spices is held inside a safe in KFC’s Louisville headquarters. In order to maintain the secrecy, KFC actually uses two seperate laboratories to create the famous recipe and combine the two together. There have been numerous attempts to replicate this recipe (such as in 1999 by a couple who purchased Colonel Sanders old house and found scribbled notes) or even by a nephew of the Colonel himself.

Every single piece of KFC chicken cooked int he world uses these 11 herbs and spices, and they are famous the world over for the irreplaceable taste this creates.

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