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Burger King is an American hamburger chain, founded originally in 1953, which focuses on offering a variety of burgers, fries, sodas and milkshakes. In more recent years, Burger King has been trying to expand the Burger King menu into a larger offering of more menu items (even including fried chicken like rival KFC, desserts, breakfast items and even hot dogs).¬†Approximately half of all Burger King outlets are located in the United States, but the company has a significant global presence – and has long been considered a competitor to the world’s largest restaurant (and burger) chain – McDonalds.

Although Burger King is predominantly located in the United States, there are a significant number of international locations in Europe, South America, Asia and even Africa. However, although Burger King may have a foothold in these international areas, they have historically had issues expanding into Asia due to the prevalence of Hinduism in these countries – a religion which includes strict dietary prohibition of beef. This has introduced challenge into the Burger King expansions into Asia, but they have been relying on their fried and grilled chicken offering (such as chicken burgers) in order to try and leverage their expansion into this area and bring Burger King to the Asian market.

Burger King Menu

When Burger King was originally opened, it’s menu consisted almost entirely of basic hamburgers, French fries and soft drinks. In 1957, Burger King added the legendary “Whopper”, it’s signature product burger sandwich. The Whopper consists of a perfectly flame grilled 4oz beef patty burger with a sesame seed bun and accompanied by an assortment of additional ingredients like mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and sliced onion. Further ingredients may be added to the burger in order to modify the Whopper like American cheese, bacon, etc. As per the Burger King motto “have it your way”, Burger King will by happy to add any condiment in the menu on request.

When adding the hot dogs to the company menu in February of 2016, Burger King also begun testing two versions of hot dog, the “Whopper Dog” and the “Oscar Mayer” hot dog – including all the ingredients featured in the whopper sandwich but on a hot dog instead. Burger King has always offered a variety of whopper variants including internationally where a large array of different ingredients are offered.

Burger King has also recently launched the “BK Value Menu” in the United States, which contains products that are usually priced in the $1.00 to $1.49 range (and approximately similar pricing in international markets). These include smaller sandwiches and entrees, small side orders and desserts. In some countries this also includes breakfast items (in the same format as the lunch/dinner value menu).

BK Whopper Bar

In fact, the Whopper has been such a successful hamburger that Burger King introduced the BK Whopper Bar. Whopper Bars are smaller specialized stores with a menu limited just to the Whopper, crispy chicken sandwich and grilled chicken. Similar to the McCafe concept from huge restaurant rival McDonalds, the Whopper Bar features variations on the Whopper burger (including jalapenos, steak sauce, blue cheese, etc) and all burgers are produced in an open kitchen in front of customers rather than in an obscured back end.

Unlike the main Burger King locations, the Whopper Bar often also featured beer and alcoholic beverages. These include Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite – and all bottles are sold as aluminium bottles designed to maintain temperature in order to pair perfectly with the Whopper burgers available at the BK Whopper Bars.

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