Alcohol and Fast Food

Many fond diners of American fast food may not be aware, but in many locations in Europe our beloved McDonalds actually serves…alcohol! Many locations on the continent offer beer or other alcoholic beverages alongside their iconic menu, although the beverages are noticeably missing in the UK since “it’s not something that fits with the family-friendly focus of our restaurants in the U.K.”, claim McDonalds – also noting that there is little customer demand in the UK for alcoholic beverages on their menu.

Beer and burger
Beer and burger is a classic combination and has existed as long as man has been fermenting grain and putting grilled meat between bread!

In Germany, it wouldn’t be possible to serve meat without paying homage to the ever present beer culture, and German McDonalds have been serving beer with their burgers since way back in 1971 when the first German location opened in Munich an incredible 18 years before the Berlin Wall fell.

Similarly, in France, you can pair off your McDonalds classics with a cool refreshing glass of¬†Kronenbourg 1664 – and while this might not quite have the same enchanting romantic view as sharing a glass of wine in the streets of Paris we can assure you that it’s definitely one way to cleanse your pallet after scoffing down a Royale with cheese! So yes, before you commit to memorizing tasting notes on Chablis wine¬†you can enjoy something a little less…serious.

Like Germany, the Czech Republic has a serious beer culture and it wouldn’t be wise (or even possible perhaps) for a restaurant chain to operate in the country without anticipating the demand for beer. In the Czech Republic (or Czechia) you can grab yourself a can of Pilsner Urquell (a classic Pilsner) in any McDonalds in the country.

Amazingly, McDonalds isn’t the only fast food empire to start experimenting with alcoholic beverages – with the famous chicken chain KFC also recently selling beer both and wine in it’s Tokyo location and even testing out a country-scale rollout by selling beer in Sydney! In recent years, many fast food brands have found that they have consistently lost market share to the more classic “fresh” style eateries and slightly more “midscale” chain restaurants – in a stark contrast to the earlier decades in the 00s when the “middle ground” market region was significantly losing market share in favor of cheaper places to eat.

Serving alcohol with your food is one way in which many fast food restaurants (such as both KFC, McDonalds, and others) are attempting to win back the hearts of weary diners in their search for dinner. Personally, we welcome this improvement! It’s hard to think of anything better than sitting back and enjoying a nice burger alongside a perfectly chilled glass of beer, and although it’s very hard to beat the classic of relaxing on your deck with the grill on, meat on the smoker and a beer in hand – it’s definitely at least part of the way there to be able to kick back and enjoy a beer with your fast food!

As for our preferences? Provided Taco Bell don’t start trying to serve tequila, we say go full steam ahead!

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